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  • Tony Putsman

What does ‘good’ look like? A strategic approach.

Updated: May 27, 2021

Although the CDM Regulations have been in force for over a quarter of a century, our experience is that project teams are still not clear how to comply with them and the management arrangements and allocation of duties are often muddled. In the absence of a clear ‘template’, clients and their professional teams repeat the (unsatisfactory) arrangements they have applied to previous projects.

We have been promoting the strategic analysis approach since 2015, and a new report provides an introduction for the uninitiated. To help practitioners in all parts of the industry – from architectural to engineering schemes, big or small - we have developed a series of ‘worked examples’ based on real world scenarios coupled with CDM compliant management arrangements.

The report ‘CDM20-20 Vision – Changing The Culture’ contains eleven case studies from small, domestic to large infrastructure projects, illustrating the variety of ways that the requirements of CDM 2015 can be satisfied.

The report also contains a set of frequently asked questions which we have encountered during training courses. We have provided answers which combine the legal position relating to each question, together with our professional perspective .

You can find the report here.

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