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"Every project is unique,

every team is unique."

The Team

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Tony Putsman


[ BSc.(Hon), MICE, C. Eng, ICE Health& Safety Registered(Advanced)]

For some people, CDM is just about health and safety, or legal compliance, or isn’t of any real importance at all.

We believe that CDM is a practical risk management philosophy, underpinned by legislation, which can transform the way projects are delivered. Construction projects vary enormously in nature, scale and complexity. However, the need to build the team before delivering the project has made sense ever since Sir Michael Latham delivered his report- ‘Constructing the Team’- to government in 1994.

However, the Construction industry is slow to learn and difficult to change [ see the Egan (1998) and Wolstenholm (2009) reports].

In our opinion, the only route to effecting significant and long term improvements to project delivery is through enhancing and encouraging the development of construction practitioners from their under-graduate studies all the way through to taking up senior industry positions.

Through our training sessions, webinars and project support roles we have been providing instruction and guidance to architectural  and engineering professionals for many years. We hope that you find the materials we have curated on this site will help your continual professional development.

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Paul Bussey



The most controversial and significant change made in the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015,  was the creation of the new principal designer (PD) function, intended to match during pre-construction phases the role of the principal contractor, who is in control during project execution. The PD, unlike the now superseded construction, design and management coordinator (CDMC) function, is not generally an individual but a corporate role, which should ideally be executed by the 'designer in control of the pre-construction phase', according to the regulations.

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE)’s long-term intention is to have active lead designers who already work on the project carrying out their own duties but also taking on the CDM integration of other designers. For highly engineered projects such as nuclear power stations, pharmaceutical factories or infrastructure, it makes sense to appoint a PD who has the required skills, knowledge and experience, as indeed it does on architectural projects, to discharge the complex mix of aesthetic and technical designer duties.

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