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Designing Differently

The DRM Toolkit

The Design Risk Management (DRM) toolkit was developed to help designers, particularly those taking on the principal designer (PD) function, to:

  • Help their clients develop their management arrangements for addressing the significant risks associated with their projects

  • Ensure that sufficient pre-construction information is provided to designers to enable them to mitigate risks in the pre-construction phase

  • Systematically identify the project-specific aspects of the development requiring risk management at the strategic planning stage

  • Communicate clearly and effectively the measures taken during design to reduce risk to a tolerable level


  • Promote a collaborative approach to risk mitigation


DRM1 - Strategy Brief

The template enables clients and their lead designers to establish the key issues and requirements to ensure both compliance and effectiveness in addressing project-specific risks.

DRM3 - Schedule of Significant Issues

A summary of the significant aspects of the project that will require a coordinated risk management approach.

DRM5 - Health & Safety File

A summary of the residual risk information required to be provided for subsequent construction activities.

DRM2 - Survey Tracker

The template aids in identifying the necessary surveys and investigations required to enable designers and contractors to risk assess their work.

DRM4 - Analysis & Options Matrix

This template allows items from CDM 3 to be explained visually.

DRM6 - Roadmap

This sets out the various activities which need to be considered, progressively, as the project team works through the stages of the project.


Projects examples , illustrating this approach can be found here:

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Construction Workers
Image by Sven Mieke

Example CDM Toolkit v2


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