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Image by Alain Pham

 Case Studies 

Image by Hugues de BUYER-MIMEURE

CDM 20-20 Case Study #1:

Lower Thames Crossing ~ CDM Duty Holder Strategy


CANVA NH LOGO Transp.png
Construction Site
Image by Michael Förtsch

CDM 20-20 Case Study #2:

InterGen-Spalding ~ Power Station Extension 2018-19


Intergen Transp.png
Gentle Stream

CDM 20-20 Case Study #3:

The Rivers Trust Movement


*Further case studies will be added as other project teams report back to us with their own experiences in applying CDM Differently.

Case Studies

The CDM Differently approach to delivering successful projects has been promoted widely since 2015, particularly via ICE and RIBA training events.

The best evidence of the effectiveness of CDM Differently comes from practitioners who have applied the strategic approach to CDM from the outset of their projects.


The following case studies illustrate how CDM Differently can be easily applied to projects of differing scales in a wide variety of construction settings.

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